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Dry Verge Protection

Barge Boards, Soffits and Dry Verge Caps
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We use the best Manthorpe dry verge protection system installed to the highest standards, ensuring your property is protected and maintenance-free. This product also comes with a 10-year installation guarantee.

What is Dry Verge?

Dry verge is a roofing system that is used to finish and protect the edges of a roof where the tiles or slates meet the gable or verge. It is called “dry” because it does not require the use of mortar to hold the tiles or slates in place.

Dry verge systems consist of uPVC or metal units that are fitted to the edge of the roof, providing a neat and secure finish. The units are designed to interlock with each other, creating a continuous line along the edge of the roof. This helps to prevent water from penetrating into the roof space, and also helps to prevent wind damage to the tiles or slates.

In addition to providing protection from the elements, dry verge systems can also improve the overall appearance of a roof. They are available in a range of colours and styles, so it is easy to find a system that complements the existing roof tiles or slates.

What types of Dry Verge Protection Are Available?

Both styles of dry verge protection are available form Palace Roofline Limited.

Segmented Dry Verge Protection

For tiles roofs we provide a segmented dry verge protection, consisting of Dry Verge Caps, this interlocking system allows the protection to follow the line of your tiles all the way down to your Fascias. 

Linear Dry Verge Protection

For Slate tiled roofs we have a linear dry verge protection which is flat against the tiles all the way down to the fascias.